Sydney Food Blogger Xmas Picnic 2012

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Its the most…wonderful time; of the year!!

Ah Christmas, what better way to start the season than a massive get together of food bloggers.

This was only my second Syd Food Blogger event but it was nice to see some familiar faces, and meet lots of new ones! I think the count was around 100 people!

I really only took photos at the start. I got a little caught up in all the food and mingling, but don’t fret. I know there will be plenty of other posts to check out.

Now I’m not sure who created this, but it looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to try the printingĀ in the sponge but have been to worried how it would turn out.

But its so cute! and festive!

These. Look. Delicious. I didn’t get a chance to try them, they disappeared rather quickly!

This! This is so awesome! and thoughtful! The lovely Sara & Josh from Belly Rumbles. The little packets were filled with shortbread, which I may have already enjoyed and shared with my other half. Yummo!

Cookie dough. Cookie dough and anything is a winning but this, THIS! Was like a dream come true. Plus having it with a piece of apple made you ‘feel’ like it wasn’t as bad for you, Bonus!

Must get this recipe from the gorgeous Christine from Cooking Crusade.

Red Velvet cake sandwiches. They looked so rich and moist. Didn’t get around to eatting this one, wish I had!

Beautiful Jasmine Tea Creme Brulee Tarts from Excuse Me Waiter. The pastry on this was perfect, and the filling was so smooth and not too sweet.


Simon from Simon Food Favourites brought along an epic pop up bar (I can’t stand the every day use of the word ‘epic’, but it totally applies here!) consisting of three awesome cocktails.

I’d never tried Gin before so its a bit of a biased opinion, but the Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic was delicious! With a slice of cucumber it was the perfect thing for such a hot day.

The Spread.

Ok so, we’ve got some cute little sandwiches down the bottom left. Turkey and cranberry was really nice and great in between the sweet food.

Umm, over the right middle. You can’t see very well but there’s some home made milky chewy lolly things. Tasted like sweetened condensed milk and coconut. Awesome!

Ooo in the middle, in the small chinese takeaway containers is Thai Beef Salad. Made by Food is our Religion. I had this first and it was really nice and refreshing!

Oh and the bottle over the right, is Lychee Iced Tea by Simon from The Heart of Food. This was so refreshing, definitely making this and taking it to work!

What else did I get a chance to try….oooo on the red plate over the right side, Eggs with avocado and bacon. Best. Combination. Ever. I’m not sure who made this but I want the recipe!

SO MASSIVELY CUTE! These were by Gucci & Gyoza, the imagination here is so inspiring!

Rice paper rolls. I think they disappeared in the time it just took me to type rice paper rolls. They looked so yummy!

I believe this was a dark and white chocolate cake, could have been mud cake? It looks too pretty to cut!

And the wonderful Chocolatesuze! Doing her quick thank you for coming-look at all the food-dig in before everyone grabbed their cameras and snap snap snapped away!

Ugh such a good day, so much food. Ā And the Kris Kringle – which was a great and evil thing to be a part of. So many stealing gifts back and forth!

Wonderful start to the Christmas season, thank you Helen from Grab you Fork and Suze from Chocolatesuze for organising such a great time.

Thank you to everyone for their glorious, glorious food! Look forward to the next event!

Oh, and the gingerbread men were mine! You can find the recipe I used here at Exclusively Foods. Note though, I added like…double the amount of spices!




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10 thoughts on “Sydney Food Blogger Xmas Picnic 2012

  1. Great writeup and love your photos April! Will definitely be posting the cookie dough dip hopefully soonish :D Was great to catch up! I tried those rice paper rolls too – they were very yummy :) PS I thought of an awesome Japanese place that’s a bit closer to you than the city in Balgowlah called Tamagawa’s. I go there all the time and love it! Have you tried them by any chance? Seriously some of the best Jap I’ve ever tried.. and nice and cheap too ^^

    • Hi Sophie! I think I missed meeting you at the picnic. So many people! I’ll have to check it out on instagram. Glad you liked them! :)

  2. Hi April! Really nice to see u in person yesterday. the gingerbread men were really great! they left my tongue tingling, no wonder, double amount of spices!

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