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Oh this week has been so long. And it’s only Tuesday!

We had a couple of guests for the weekend though, my Axey’s sister and her boyfriend crashed for a couple of nights before they flew out to Thailand for their holiday. Lucky things!

I like to introduce people to new foods so we dined on Japanese Shabu Shabu. Couple of mishaps, I burnt three of my fingers putting the noodles into the electric wok (which I thought was off.) Made things a bit difficult to eat with one hang covered in aloe vera, ice and tea towels!

Dinner was a success though. Great tasting food that everyone can cook to their liking and socialize at the same time. Best thing about it – it stops you from eating too fast! Such a westerner problem.



For four people with leftovers for two the next day:

2 x packets of thin sliced beef. I’m not sure on the exact weight as they were from the asian grocer in Dee Why, Mao Sheng (opposite Woolworths)

3 x finely chopped shallots

1 x roughly chopped leek

1/2 x packet of Soyco Japanese flavoured Tofu

1 x 400g can of bean sprouts (you can use fresh or canned, personally I actually prefer canned)

1/2 x packet of Enokitake (long, thin white mushrooms. Can be found in the fridge section at asian grocers)

2/3 x packet of Hikaru soba noodles, these can be purchased from Coles and Woolies


For the broth:

2 x  sheets of dried kombu (I believe this can be bought from Coles and Woolies now as well, at least in Sydney in the asian section. Otherwise asian grocers will have it)

2 x litres of water

1 x teaspoon white miso paste

1 x teaspoon soy sauce

2 x tablespoon sake

Fill a large pot with the 2 litres of water and the kombu. Boil on medium heat with the lid on for 30mins.

Remove the kombu and discard. Add the miso, soy sauce and sake to the water. Simmer for a further 10-15mins to let the flavours develop.


Transfer to an electric wok or a Japanese hot pot for serving.

Arrange meat, tofu and vegetables around pot for everyone to share. Serve with rice and soy sauce for dipping!



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