Salt & Pepper Flathead and Homemade Chips

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Crispy salt & pepper crumbed flathead pieces with crunchy hand cut deep-fried potato chips.
With a dessert of silky smooth Blood Orange Creme Brulee.
That was my vision for dinner last Friday.

When it comes to cooking I go at it like a bull in a china shop. Head down, running around doing a million things at once – and a high chance of breaking something. Plus side to the night, I didn’t break anything!

A couple of pointers I’d like to give those that try to fit too much in a tiny bit of time like I do:
Crumb all your fish before you start cooking.
Wait for the brulee to actually finish cooking before you get started on the main meal.
Cut and prepare your potatoes before you start cooking too.1

At one point I was cooking fish, still crumbing some fish, while watching a batch of chips frying and keeping an eye on the brulee in the oven.
No, I haven’t been tested. I could be crazy!

When I got it under control and served the food the chips weren’t quite crunchy like I had hoped. The taste of homemade chips even when they aren’t crunchy is so different to bought chips. I think it’s the oil or the fresh-cut potatoes. I used the new Charisma potatoes from Coles, the first Low-GI potato!
Honestly, they just tasted like normal ol potatoes to me.

The flavour of the fish was like an explosion of pepper and lemon. Flathead is a very clean tasting fish that holds its shape well and is perfect for batter or crumbing.

After a very satisfying meal comes dessert.
For my first ever attempt at a crème brûlée, I think it turned out rather well. The recipe was from a work colleague who used to work at some pretty high up Northern Beaches restaurants. Original recipe was for a creme brulee with an orange caramel base but I liked the idea of a blood orange base.

Those that haven’t tried a blood orange before, they’re quite sweet. Creating a caramel out of it isn’t the best idea for this dessert as it makes the whole dish overly sweet. Normal oranges would have been perfect and I’ll definitely do it next time.

Dessert had a beautiful strong vanilla taste that dissolved in your month with a candy orange hint at the bottom. I may have had some problems along the way but good food doesn’t necessarily need to look amazing. If your guests are going back for seconds then its a good sign ;)

Salt & Pepper Flathead
Serves 2

2 x fresh flathead fillets ( you may need 2 per person depending on the size)
1 cup x Krummies whole grain breadcrumbs
2 x teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1 x teaspoon Murray River Salt ( or another slightly coarse salt – not table salt!)
1/2 x teaspoon dill
1/2 x teaspoon parsley
3 x eggs ( or just egg whites)
Zest of 1 whole medium lemon
Teaspoon of oil or a spray of oil for cooking.

Mix the zest, krummies, pepper and salt together in a medium bowl.
Place the eggs in another bowl big enough to dip the pieces of fish.
Cut the flathead fillets into smaller sizes, roughly about 8cm each (depending on the size of your fillet, about 6 pieces per fillet).
Have a plate or tray ready to the side for the crumbed fish to sit on.
Now dip a piece of the fish into the egg wash, then into the crumb mixture. Press the mixture into the fish to make sure its coated well. Place on tray and repeat with remaining fish pieces.
Heat oil in a large pan to on medium-low. If the pan is too hot the crumbs will burn before the fish is cooked.
Place fish in pan in a single layer and flip in 5mins. Once flipped the side you can see a nice golden brown. Another 4mins and they should be ready.
I’m not very confident when it comes to cooking fish, but I’m getting there. To test if its done cut a large piece in the middle slightly, the meat should be a white colour, not translucent looking.
Take the fish out of the pan when ready and sit on a paper towel to sop up any extra oils.

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7 thoughts on “Salt & Pepper Flathead and Homemade Chips

  1. Ha! Was this my doing? :-)

    I love salt & pepper squid, but never tried it with flattie. Looks good.

    Of course I also love creme brûlée too.

  2. @Irene
    :) Thanks! I love homemade chips, even when they're not crunchy!

    Actually now you've mentioned it, it felt like it!

    Your post on the fish was great :)
    I love to "salt and pepper" any seafood. Oo except oysters….never tried it with oysters.
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. For a supposed bull in china shop, your creations look pretty amazing! Flathead being an ugly fish is one of my fave because it is so delicious, especially with fish and chips! We were thinking of doing blood orange creme brulee for our jelly competition but didn't think we would be able to pull it off. Yours look brilliant!

  4. Once we tried homemade chips – or what we call french fries, we never went back and even make our own potato chips – which you call crisps – thank God for the mandoline! Your fish looks wonderful.. getting hungry now…

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