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Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a patient person. I rush at practically everything I do and I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes I even annoy myself with my strange need to have everything organised and done in the smallest amount of time possible.

These Gyoza, I managed to prepare in my lunch break. I ducked home quickly from work and mixed up the filling then prepared each gyoza ready to chuck in the pan when I got home after work.
Took me about 30-45mins to prepare. I feel like I should be listening to some motivational music while I work away, like Grease Lightening or something.

I love anything that doesn't require a lot of ingredients. When there are too many ingredients I usually forget to buy one and then the whole dish takes a different direction.
But these pork gyoza consist of justĀ 4 ingredients.

Pork Gyoza:

1x pack of merino gow gee pastry (there's about 30 in each pack).
500g x pork mince
40g fresh minced ginger or ground ginger
1 cup x finely diced cabbage

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5 thoughts on “Pork Gyoza

  1. Your gyoza's look really good! Dont seem that hard to make either , i might have to try and make some one day…

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