Pancake Day: Chocolate & Blueberry Crepe Cake

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According to the great almighty Wikipedia, Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday is linked to Easter. Traditionally known as the day for eating pancakes before Lent. There are all sorts of crazy things that go on to celebrate this day, like pancake races.  You know those egg on a spoon races you did as a kid? It’s like that. But with a pan. And a pancake. I hope they get to eat it at the end!

I’m not religious in the least but a day for eating pancakes? I’m so there! I urge everyone to go out today and find pancakes! Eat lots of pancakes!!

There is nothing that my work colleagues love more than chocolate. If I’m baking something to bring in to share, the request is always chocolate.

So chocolate crêpe cake for pancake day it is! Yay!

Now I’ve been attempting the age-old “I’m going to eat healthier” goal. So I added some fruit. Hey its a start right?


Chocolate Crepe Thin Pancake Stack-Like-Cake

For the crepes:

Recipe found here! is such a great resource for a quick solution!


For the filling:

2 x punnets blueberries

125g extra light cream cheese

1 x tsp fresh lemon juice

- Blend together in a mixing bowl until well combined.

And a bit of chocolate ganache for good measure!


Step one. Put crêpe down. Step two. Spread on ganache. Step three. Put crêpe on top. Step Four. Layer of blueberry mixture.

Repeat from Step one! Top with fresh blueberries!


Simple, delicious and slightly healthier then the other option of chocolate on chocolate with extra chocolate lol!


Are you going to hunt down some super pancakes today? I’d love to hear about them, if you’ve found some secret treasures during your day!


Peace out!






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