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Perfect smooth macchiato from ChillBar, Dee Why

My beautiful other half suggested we go out for dinner. As in eat out, at a location. Not at home.

It’s something we very rarely do as we’re both a bit on the antisocial side and we enjoy the comfort of our own home where we can relax and unwind. But its always great to change things up a bit!

With our hearts set on Japanese cuisine, we headed off to Dee Why and cruised the Strand. Just off a side street next door to Whitewater Grill we found Ocean Sushi, no bigger then a hole in the wall.

With a real Japanese greeting by the sushi chef behind the counter, we had great hopes of the food being authentic and delicious. We ordered two entrees to share and a bento box each for take-away. Roughly 15min which was expected.

While waiting we sipped on our drinks. Normal good ol Ginger Beer and a bottle of Ramune.


Ramune from Ocean Sushi, Dee Why

Note: To open the bottle, you push the pointy “cap” into the bottle which pops the glass ball out of the hole allowing you to drink. It’s wise not to aggravate the bottle too much when doing this, as you’ll soon discover (as I did) that its very carbonated and therefore explodes all over the table.

Our food was ready and we strolled on over to Dee Why beach, sat on the grass and ate our meal. There was a slight chill in the air but still a beautiful night, made me glad to be in Sydney as opposed to down Newcastle way where we both grew up. There is so much opportunity for experiencing all sorts of food and culture in Sydney.


Gyoza and Chicken Karaage

Entree: Fried Gyoza and Chicken Karaage.

The gyoza was perfectly crisp and oozing with juices from the pork and ginger. The karaage unfortunately wasn’t quite crispy enough and it didn’t have that burst of flavour that I was expecting. I think I’ll stick to making my karaage at home.


Chicken Katsu Bento Box

Mains: Chicken Katsu Bento Box

We both had the katsu Bento Box, we love katsu. Both boxes consisted of a whole piece of katsu cut into slices, a small salad, 6 pieces of sushi and miso soup.

With the slight chill in the air the miso soup was savoured, until my Axey pulled his out of the cardboard cup tray and ripped a hole in the styrofoam cup and lost all the soup. Its a good thing I like to share! haha.

The chicken was nice and moist, I could have done with a bit more sauce though. I’m a bit of a sauce fiend so purely personally preference there! The salad and sushi rolls were nice and fresh. The oddest part was a small sauce section in the bento box that had honey mustard sauce! Although I thought it was strange it surprisingly went really well with the chicken katsu.


After enjoying a nice relaxing meal looking out at Dee Why beach we took a walk down the Strand in search of something sweet to finish our night.

ChillBar – Double Cone with a scoop of Bubblegum flavour and a scoop of Red Bull flavour.

Poor photo, great ice cream!

I couldn’t resist the urge to try the Red Bull flavour. It proved to be zingy as expected. But I would recommend having it has your top scoop not the bottom, too much of it gets a bit sickly. I’d almost convinced myself it tasted like pineapple, I think it was the colour that had me fooled!

I was definitely happy with the Bubblegum flavour. I have a problem with bubblegum flavoured ice cream ever since I had it years ago and it tasted like banana. The bubblegum at ChillBar really did taste like bubblegum! Thank the lords!

My better half went the sensible option and had one scoop of Belgium Chocolate and a macchiato.

Enjoying the last of our ice creams we walked back along the Strand the car, as it started to really rain down hard!

What a storm it was! It was beautiful. Great food and an awesome Sydney storm.


Hope everyone gets out and tries something new today! A new flavour, new food or new colour to wear!

Peace out!



Dee Why Beach at night


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7 thoughts on “Ocean Sushi & ChillBar, Dee Why

  1. yay! i live about five minutes away from this place and have been thinking about trying it for some time, so thanks for the review!! looks like you guys had a lovely night :)

  2. Dee Why! I live just up in Collaroy, so close :P I’ve never been to any sushi place there, but it sounds good so I might go next time. I am usually a Sushi Train kind of person, I know I am terrible… =P

    • I know there’s a sushi train down further on the Strand, a colleague of mine goes there all the time. But if you want to choose from other Japanese food, I’d recommend Ocean Sushi :)

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