New: Baker’s Delight Lemon & Cream Cheese {Giveaway!}

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Good Monday to you all! I hope you’re all trying to make your Monday a positive one!

If I were you I’d get on down to your nearest Baker’s Delight and pick up one of their new lemon and cream cheese scrolls, or their shareable lemon and cream cheese swirl.

Certain to make your Monday better.

The kind people at Keep Left sent me a sample of the new range, which I am so grateful for. I am a huge fan of Baker’s Delight!

But even though I received it free, my opinions won’t be swayed.


Unfortunately for me, the day the samples rocked up I was home sick. So it wasn’t the best day for a taste test anything. I could still smell them though which made it very hard to resit till the following day.


I wasn’t 100% better the following day, but I had more of my taste buds working. Thankfully the buns kept their freshness pretty well.

How is the perfect way to enjoy these?

With friends or family and a nice pot of tea. Simple and satisfying.

The taste?

I loved the icing on the top, probably because I have a huge sweet tooth. The bun itself was lovely and fresh, we think there was a hint of lemon through it but for my personal preference I would have loved some lemon zest through the dough to give a bit of zing to counter the sweetness of the icing. It could have been my cold not letting the full flavours come through though so I will have to try these again to double check!


And if you have some left over after dinner, try chucking together an easy bread and butter pudding for dessert.

I made one using a single lemon and cream cheese scroll and it was the perfect amount. Added some extra lemon zest and mwah! beautiful!

One last thing! Of course!

If you’d like to win one of three $10 gift certificates for Baker’s Delight, all you have to do is comment! First three to comment on this post will be winners. Get in fast!



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5 thoughts on “New: Baker’s Delight Lemon & Cream Cheese {Giveaway!}

  1. beautiful photos :) those rolls look so lovely! i’ve been dying to make something similar at home! and your bread and butter pudding looks like the perfect comfort food :)

  2. Thank you Kira and Judith! I hope hour enjoy the goodies you get with the vouchers! I’ll email both of you for info on where to send them. Have a great Monday! :)

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