Masterchef Live – Part Two

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Zip tap – awesome taps and a great dancer!


He was right beside me.

We were standing at the Adriano Zumbo stall waiting to purchase a bundle of different things and he popped up to the left of me. I fumbled as fast as I could to get my apron and sharpie out, and spun around. I sheepishly asked Adriano Zumbo to sign my apron. Success!
I felt a little guilty interrupting him, he looked to be frantically signing copies of his new book as they were selling like wildfire!

Trying to escape the crowd which had appeared out of nowhere obviously in awe of Mr Zumbo was a feat in itself. I tell you, the amount of heat that a crowd can produce quickly is amazing!

Its a great feeling to give yourself a goal and achieve it. Saying it now it sounds simple, ‘Go to Masterchef Live and get Adriano Zumbo to sign my apron’ but it was just by chance that we caught him. There was still quite a few celebrities that we just couldn’t find. George Calombaris, Billy from A Table For Two and Michael are just a couple of them.

All up I managed to get 6 autographs.

Matt Kemp & Myself
Yeah! Matt Kemp Autograph!

Chef Matt Kemp from Restaurant Balzac – he was such a great person to meet. So nice!

Dani Venn at the Cheeky Food Group Flambe area

Dani Venn – we caught her just finishing up at the Flambe area. She’s really bubbly in person as well which was lovely, and she didn’t mind signing my apron before she had to rush off :)


Jay Huxley – had a stall as the Ambassador for Love Food Hate Waste
Very happy to hold for a photo and sign!

It was a chance of a lifetime and if you didn’t get to go I’d definitely recommend heading there next year.
Being able to get seats in the Mystery Box shows was probably the main reason I would go VIP again.
Of course they might change the way it all works next year though!

Now some photos from the day, couple of bits and bobs I particularly enjoyed. I hope it pants a pretty picture for you!

Peace out!

All Masterchef Live photos by my partner’s lovely mother and sister! :)
To see Part One – click here!

AMAZING! Cake by Sweet Art
Adriano Zumbo’s Chocolate Breakfast (as seen in his new book!)
George’s Calamari Carbonara – thin sliced calamari with a soft boiled egg, maple bacon and pumpkin Parmesan

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4 thoughts on “Masterchef Live – Part Two

  1. YAY! I'm so excited for you that you got to meet Adriano Zumbo. He's having his cake walk tonight and I can't wait!

  2. @Lorraine
    Thank you! I bet his cake walk was breath taking :)

    Dani was really bubbly and so nice in person. I was so star struck my all the celebs!

    @Hotly Spiced
    It really was. I'd recommend going next year too!

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