Masterchef Live – Part One

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Gary Mehigan, Myself & Alana Lowes

So Masterchef Live is over for another year and I’m absolutely thrilled that I decided to go.
Armed with my friend and coworker, my partner’s mother and his sister, we were on a mission.
I had one real goal for the day. Get Adriano Zumbo to sign my apron.
(Did I achieve this? Find out in Part Two tomorrow!)

Left home at about 8:15am Saturday morning to drive then catch a train into Central.
From Central we grabbed a taxi for the short drive and arrived at about 9:30am. Perfect timing.
Got our VIP lanyards and went to get our gift bags – and on the way we saw our first celebrity!

Gary with Colin Fassnidge on Mystery Box Theatre stage

Before Saturday, I hadn’t been close to a celebrity. So walking in and seeing Four In Hand chef Colin Fassnidge, well I think we all had to refrain from screaming like a bunch of 12 year olds at a Cody Simpson concert. (I only know how deafening that particular scream is like as there was a show at Warringah Mall last Thursday night, we didn’t realise until it was too late to avoid it!)

The crowds though, wow. Just wow. It’s almost like they didn’t plan for the mass amount of people that were there during the Saturday.  All four of us were really pumped to get into some of the classes and demonstrations – no chance of that though. Every class we went to had already been sold out. Every demonstration class already had a line of people around two corners long, and that was usually an hour before the class even started.

George Calombaris & Matt Kemp – Mystery Box Theatre

We kind of gave up on that idea, but we did go to all four shows in the Mystery Box Theatre. It was the one place that you got seating and special treatment because you paid extra for the VIP ticket.
I felt very star struck being that close to Gary, George, Anna and the special appearances by past contestants and chefs. At every show, my beautiful companions were pointing and screaming for them to pick me for the mystery box challenge. By the last show of the day I wasn’t embarrassed and unsure if I wanted to be on stage in front of all those people, I was pumped.

The last mystery box for the day was Gary VS Alana. Two people were picked out of the audience to work along side each of them. AND I GOT PICKED!! It was the fastest 6mins of my life.

We had 6mins to come up with something and cook it.
Gary turns to me, and I say my name into the mic.
And what does Gary say? “It’s not April, its October!”
I guess I should have know that was coming, its the one thing that I can assume someone will say when they hear my name. I’m perfect comedy for a crowd! All in good fun though.

Mystery Box:
Beautiful piece of tuna, pre-cooked green beans, soy sauce, sesame oil and a lime.

Gary turns to the other audience participant and asks him, without help from either of the chefs, first thing to cook that comes into his head. Unfortunately I knew this was coming so I was so fixated on coming up with something myself that I didn’t hear what his response was.

I believe I said I’d cook a lightly seared tuna with a herb crumb, and a Japanese flavour dressing bean salad.
Everything went by so fast but I was conscious of the camera man right beside me, aimed at my hands and my poor tomato dicing skills. Honestly I’m surprised I didn’t take a finger off I was that nervous!

Times up, Gary asks both of us to come to the front with our dishes and tell the audience what it was.
I say…Cheered Chuna (Recipe coming soon! Watch this space!).
Instead of Seared Tuna, I fumble it up. It probably wouldn’t have been that bad but Gary pointed it out for all to witness! Well at least I provided some easy entertainment lol!
I corrected myself carefully after that. Winner was chosen by the age old tactic of whoever-the-audience-cheers-loudest-for-wins. But I had seen this prior in the day with Gary’s earlier show, I think he likes to make it a nice fair and fun challenge, and announces that its a draw.

The man graciously let me choose between the Masterchef Tefal pan or the bag of Pyrax goodies.
Masterchef Tefal Pan all the way! And the Masterchef Season 2 recipe book. Bonus! It was so exhilarating!

My goodies!

Alana and Gary were both gorgeous to meet. And yes, he looks like he’d be a cuddly teddy bear just as much in person as he does on the TV!
I did get Alana and Gary to sign my apron, they were both so down to earth and friendly!

As we leave the venue for the day, one man said to me as we walked by “You’ve got really nice nails!”
I yell a quick thank you back and I’m still in a bit of shock. Turns out they did a close up of my nails while I was dicing the tomatoes. I had another lady tell me she thought my dish looked the best as we hopped into our taxi back to Central station. Random kindness like that always gives me a bit of faith back in humanity.

It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day. Listening to Gary, George, Matt Kemp, Colin Fassnidge, Anna Gare, Adriano Zumbo, past contestants Michael, Ellie, Kate and Alana talk about their passion for food was massively inspiring. I feel like I have a new passion to cook.

“Live to cook – Gary” & “Alana xx”

Who else signed my apron?
Did I get trampled by the crowd?
Part Two tomorrow!

Peace out! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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8 thoughts on “Masterchef Live – Part One

  1. @Irene
    I definitely felt lucky! It was an chance of a lifetime :)

    Thank you! :)

    Thanks! I loved the goodie bag.

  2. Loving the matching polkadot top, nails and apron! And my goodness, what a rush it must've been to be cooking on stage – lucky you =)

  3. @Rita
    Thank you so much! It was a huge rush. Amazing and unforgettable!

    @Quay Po Cooks
    Thank you! I should have bought a lotto ticket that same day I think lol.
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

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