Masterchef Live and Suitable Shoes

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 So stoked! Got my VIP Masterchef Live tickets AND the awesome custom kicks I ordered on Etsy were delivered today.

Things have been a bit hectic as of late. But when aren’t they? lol.
So I’ve been a bit MIA. Secretly I’ve been working on a revamp for Polkadots & Chopsticks.
Are you excited? I’m so excited. Excitement everywhere! New look, new shoes, Masterchef Live.
And, for all of those in the Sydney area or can get to the Sydney area, for the month of October there are heaps of great events for the food lovers!

Check out Crave for info on all the events. I’m hoping to go to a couple of them but haven’t booked anything in yet. The Night Noodle Markets sound like a great experience. Its held in Hyde Park for two weeks in October from Monday-Friday.

So all, are you going to Masterchef Live this year? Do you have an awesome quirky pair of shoes?
And are any of you going to a Crave event?
Lots of questions I know!

Have a great Friday!
Peace out!

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9 thoughts on “Masterchef Live and Suitable Shoes

  1. I can't even describe how EXCITED i am to know there's someone out there who loves wacky maryjane shoes! I painted a pair myself last year, one side was green with spiders and the other was yellow with ants. SWEEEET.

  2. I want your shoes AND I want to go to Sydney. Can we swap places for a couple of days? All you have to do is live in an apartment the size of a small car and snuggle 3 cats until they're satisfied (which is never)

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