Malaysian Food Matters: Finding the Best in Sydney

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Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been very hectic. Changes at work, changes for my blog, changes in appetite!
I’d like to give a gift to all of you. A guest post! 
I’d like to present Gloria, another with a love and passion for all things food!


Malaysian food matters : Finding the Best Malaysian in Sydney
Guest post by Gloria from

Hearty and rustic Italian food, rich French cuisine, fresh and spicy Mexican flavours…the world is a smorgasbord of culinary delights and I am mad about them all!

My love of food has blossomed into a full blown obsession in recent years and I’m not embarrassed to admit it! I spend much of my free time trying out new recipes at home, perfecting old ones and restaurant hopping all over Sydney in my quest to find the best eats.

While there isn’t a cuisine alive that doesn’t have a place in my heart (or stomach), I do have a soft spot for Asian flavours. I can whip up a Salmon Teriyaki or Pork Gyoza when Japanese suits my mood, or Tom Yum Goong and Green Curry if Thai tempts me and I know some Vietnamese and Cantonese dishes but when it comes to Malaysian food I have to head out to enjoy a steaming bowl of Laksa or smoky Char Kway Teow.

Online Malaysian Food Adventures
I have a few favourite restaurants I always return to where I know the food is authentic and the staff are friendly, – in this category it is always The Malaya on King Street Wharf! But I like to mix it up and discover new places to chow down on Malaysian food too. The internet is, of course, a great resource with lots of sites dedicated to Sydney’s food scene.

Timeout has tipped me off to some excellent restaurants and legendary Laksas that I wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled across such as Jimmy’s Recipe in the CBD and Sambal in Lane Cove.

Urbanspoon has an extensive list of eateries specialising in Malaysian food if you want to find a restaurant in a less familiar part of town. Plus you can read review upon review that bloggers have submitted – leaving no dish unreported! 

When I’m feeling particularly lazy and want to stay in, Delivery Hero is my go-to Sydney takeaway website with loads of terrific Malaysian food options available.

And when I want to add Malaysian food to my home cooking repertoire, I have plans to give Chicken Satay and Belacan Kangkung a go once I get the right ingredients.  A trip to Chinatown to scour Asian supermarkets and get sorted is on the horizon, or if I can’t make it into the CBD then TrueLocal will tell me where my closest Asian grocer is and get me one step closer to my kitchen smelling like a hawker stall and Malaysian food bliss!

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Have a great weekend all!
Peace out!

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3 thoughts on “Malaysian Food Matters: Finding the Best in Sydney

  1. I love the bold flavours of Malaysian food and the crossover with the food from my mother's home country Singapore! :)

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