Heston Inspired Easter Feast

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So it was a bit over a week before Easter and I took the car in for a service before the planned drive to Newcastle to see the relies for the holiday. Haha! No trip to Newcastle for us! My faithful 94′ Camry has had its time and wasn’t fit for the trip. Booo…I’m going to miss my first car!

So it was decided that my partner’s family would come up on Easter Sunday for lunch.

Planning time! In amongst my work during the week I was constantly thinking, ticking away. I’ve also been watching a lot of Heston Blumenthal’s shows.

I started Thursday night after work and late night shopping and it took until Sunday morning for all preparation to be completed.


The Menu for Seven


Miniature Burgers
Heston’s Prawn Cocktail
Chorizo and Onion Couscous
Rocket, Walnut and Parmesan Salad
Heston’s Triple Cooked Chips

Palate Cleanser of Eggstravagant Sorbet Duo

Pandan and Coconut Baked Alaska



I used bits of Heston’s burger recipe to shape the meat and freeze it, even without mincing it myself and letting it sit for 5 hours salting away it created great burgers – of course the great quality would have had something to do with it. I actually bought my meat from Brookvale Meats this week and I’m very impressed with the quality. The recipe for the buns can be found here at Smitten Kitchen – worked a treat and was really easy to work with!


I loved the presentation of Heston’s prawn cocktail so I found some similar glasses to present them in. The mixture of avocado and lettuce as a base went beautifully with the prawns and sauce. A refreshing little morsel.

Couscous has become more of a weekly staple in our little household, mixed with caramelized chorizo and onion – delicious! Even my partner’s dad, who hates couscous, thought it was pretty damn good! I highly recommend giving it to couscous haters out there.


Rocket, walnut and salad is pretty straight forward but fresh and perfect accompaniment to the meal. Drizzled with caramelized balsamic vinegar, which can be purchased from Bibina in Newcastle. I’m not sure where else it can be found unfortunately.

And chips. Chips! I’m a potato fiend. I could live on potato happily. Heston’s triple cooked chips are definitely worth the effort. However if you have a normal sized freezer or fridge it would make things a bit easier. Our fridge/freezer is quite small which made all this preparation an interesting task. I ended up taking up 3 of the 5 small shelves with trays of chips drying out. BUT if you’ve seen Heston’s show with these chips, omg, they’re really that good!
Beautiful fluffy inside and crisp amazing crunchy outside. Best. Chips. Ever.


So that was lunch. I had this vision in my head for the sorbet and I pretty much nailed it.
This is how it was served, with the guests having no idea what they were eating as it just looked like a basket of eggs – which after sitting for a bit was obvious were frozen. Reluctantly they dug in.

I think everyone was still a bit put off with the sorbet inside the egg but they all enjoyed the refreshing watermelon and zingy mint mixtures. I’m already thinking of another crazy Heston-like idea for next year – probably not involving real eggs though.

Ah and the finale of the evening. After a few minor burns and an exhausting four days, it was dessert time.
Pandan chiffon cake, topped with homemade coconut ice cream and covered in a layer of meringue. Toast that baby up and nom nom away!
It was so good, no photo of the inside however – everyone just dug in! Good sign though. The coconut ice cream was a great highlight and I’ll be making it again and post the recipe up.

So in four days I carefully hollowed out 16 eggs, sterilized them, pre-boiled a huge bunch of chips, made a chiffon cake, prepared the burger patties for freezing, prepared the watermelon sorbet mixture and the mint sorbet mixture, put one through the motions in the Cuisinart ice cream machine I won last year, waited fo the bowl to refreeze and did the second mixture (not completely solid though), injected the sorbet mixtures into the hollowed and dried egg shells and placed in freezer to completely set and make the burger buns. I think that was generally all of it! hahaha! I feel a little bit insane after all that but I definitely enjoyed it and I’m already planning next year’s Easter lunch. I’m thinking something out of the box Heston style and I have a whole year to plan it!!

All Heston recipes are from his book ‘Heston Blumenthal At Home’ and can be found on the Channel 4 website under TV shows, pretty sure most of them are from his Cook Like Heston at Home series. His recipes may seem daunting but are actually really fun to recreate in your own kitchen.
And all photos taken were by my Axey’s mum, which I think needs a cool superhero name when being referred to – I’m thinking something nice and simple like Supermum. Back to the point – the photos looked amazing and I’m so grateful for them, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut of and couldn’t even think about taking photos lol.

So Happy Easter everyone! Hope you got heaps of chocolate and I hope you have plenty left to get you through the rest of this short work week!

Peace out!


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11 thoughts on “Heston Inspired Easter Feast

  1. i am so impressed, i suck at taking photos when a meal is more then, ah, 2 courses! it looks incredible. i love the idea/shock of sobert eggs, and a pandan coconut alaska has been in my head as something i’d like to try to bake.
    btw bumma about your car, hope you get a new one soon.

    • Thanks! I definitely recommend giving the pandan coconut alaska a go, it’s so perfect together!
      We’re looking into the car scene at the moment, hopefully only be a week or two! exciting! :)

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