Heston Blumenthal’s Chocolate Gateau

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Last week ‘Cook Like Heston at Home’ was on SBS. Being that Heston is one of idols when it comes to food I tuned in.

Each episode concentrates on a particular ingredient. I believe Australia is a bit behind as on the British Channel 4 website they have 6 episodes available to watch. One of which is chocolate.

Ah beautiful velvety chocolate, could there be anything better? Is there anyone who wouldn’t love a bite of this?

I did tweak the recipe a tiny bit, I have a pure hatred for pop rocks (also known as popping candy), the sound of someone eating them near me gives me an ear ache.

I understand that sounds a bit strange but its true! Needless to say I’ve swapped the pop rocks out for another twist. Chilli Lime Sugar.

The Chilli Lime Sugar is a mixture that I tried the other week from a friend, served with fresh grilled mango cheeks. Delicious! I thought the sweet tangy spice with a tiny bit of heat would go perfect with the gateau.

So you can find Heston’s recipe here on Channel 4. It looked quite simple on the episode so I thought, what the heck! Let’s give it a go!

It’s basically a rich dark chocolate ganache with a passionfruit edge.

I’m proud to say that I followed the recipe to the tee! I’ve rarely done that in my life, I always find something to tweak or can’t be bothered to measure it exactly. I only changed the pop rocks for a preferred taste.



Chilli Lime Sugar

Zest of two limes

150g yellow rock sugar

1 tsp dried chilli flakes


Preheat the oven to 145C. Line a baking tray and spread the zest evenly over it. Place in oven for ten minutes.

Pound the yellow rock sugar using a mortar and pestle until fine, transfer to another bowl. Grind the chilli to a fine powder and combine with the sugar and lime. This can be made up to two weeks in advance in an air tight container. Makes about 1/2 cup. You will only need about 25g-40g for the base of the gateau if you choose to use it.


I love taking treats I’ve whipped up at home in to my colleagues at work and not telling them what’s in it, watching them guess the ingredients and taste. Turns out they all loved the tiny hint of chilli you got at the end, complimented the passionfruit and chocolate perfectly!


Peace out! Happy Friday all!



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4 thoughts on “Heston Blumenthal’s Chocolate Gateau

  1. Apple! I have missed you first blogday, your move to this new amazing template…I feel terrible! You are much better at being consistent. What an amazing recipe, by the way! It looks deliciously smooth and chocolatey, so tempting!

    • Hi Sylvia! It’s ok I understand, I loose track of time and forget that I haven’t visited a blog in ages! Thanks for stopping by though :P And the cake was awesome

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