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The lovely people at Keep Left sent me a nice little package of Hudson’s Coffee Barista Choice Blend to give a try, and here’s my two bobs worth!

I love my coffee. The smell of coffee in the morning (or any time of the day!) is a wonderful thing to wake up to. As far as stimulating smells go I love coffee more than vanilla, lavender – even fresh baked bread.

Coffee works in mysterious ways, it makes you feel awake, energised, bold.

Hudson’s new blend screams bold. So I did something bold when I got the coffee in the mail. I dyed my hair the lightest I’ve ever been. There’s a photo of it over on my instagrams. Definitely a bold move. Which is refreshing, its nice to mix things up and do something completely out of the ordinary. Makes you realise that you need to enjoy life otherwise, what’s the point? I’ve had a few bold choices of late from my hair colour to my change of career. But you can always start of small – try a different coffee, try a new and exotic cuisine or go out and buy that sexy outfit you’ve been thinking of forever! Why wait? Go out and be bold! Be exciting!

Got a little bit excited there, whether its the caffeine or the new hair who knows! Back to the topic at hand ey!

We have a nice setup at home. We’ve been through the coffee bags and the pod machines – they just don’t compare to a proper coffee. Its a middle range coffee machine for the home, picked it up from one of the normal department stores – I can’t recall which one as I remember we had a hell of a time finding anywhere nearby that actually kept stock but its a good little machine. Makes a nice coffee and beautiful crema.


I like to grind my own.

The new Barista Choice Blend by Hudsons Coffee is a really bold and intense coffee. If you like yours dark, strong, rich and intense (I’m taking about coffee of course) then this is the blend for you.

Taste test #1 – whole beans homemade flat white.

Surprisingly the flavour although intense is also quite smooth. Rich dark blends that I’ve had in the past are usually quite tart tasting and not smooth at all. For a Sunday morning WAKE-UP-ITS-PAST-9AM-AND-EVERYONE-ELSE-IS-ALREADY-UP pick me up, it did the trick.


Taste test #2 – Pre-ground coffee homemade cappuccino

Got a cute little pouch of already ground Barista Choice Blend as well to give a whirl. Omigawd…I was very surprised as typically I turn my posh nose up at already ground coffee but the taste was extraordinary. Such a rich bold taste that woke you up but didn’t knock you to the ground. Which is how I like to enjoy my coffee by the way.


And you know what a strong coffee needs? Ice cream. Ice cream in the form of an affogato. Droooooooool.

Such a simple indulgence anyone can create at home. The important thing though is to have amazing quality ingredients because there is no extra ingredients to hide something hideous. Like me when I wake up in the morning before having my coffee!




Unfortunately is doesn’t seem like I can order coffee direct for home online which is a pity as I would drink it more and more often if I could. There is a bunch of Hudsons stores around but not super close to home to make regular trips. Just going to have to find more reasons to head into North Sydney! And next time I head to the airport, I believe they just opened a new one at the T2 terminal.


Overall, I enjoy Hudsons Coffee Barista Choice Blend a lot. I would travel and buy this over any found in a local supermarket. I know Campos coffee is quite popular and I would go Hudsons over it in a heartbeat. Hudsons has my vote.

I have something to brighten up your week and make all your coffee dreams come true! For my lovely readers I have two Hudson Coffee Barista’s Choice Blend packs to giveaway! Yay! Free Stuff! Pack consists of your very own Keep Cup to take with you when refilling your caffeine needs, a cute little pouch of ground Barista Choice blend coffee and a voucher for your nearest Hudson store.

Just enter below and tell me how your going to be bold today and good luck!

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20 thoughts on “{Giveaway!!!} Hudsons Coffee Barista Choice Blend

  1. coffee really is the best thing to wake up too…especially if its complemented with bacon and eggs :)……… I like caramel coffee if the caramel is subtle, too much and it can be overpowering.

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