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Welcome one! Welcome all! Do you like my new home? Isn’t it cosy?

This weather sure is cosy sort of weather. Wish I was at home under a doona watching a movie with a hot chocolate!

I thought it was time to stop living with the dinosaurs, put away my knitting and modernize a bit. You’ll see to the right there’s a section with flashy new gadgets – I believe these are what all the cool kids are using these days, if you click on them I think its a good thing!

There’s still a few gizmos to work on slowly but hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day! And I couldn’t keep it contained any longer so I hope you’ll all enjoy the new look.

Feels a bit wrong, a bit dirty to have a post and not feature any food. While umming and arring about what would look great up here I was actually eating this!


Miso soup with udon noodles and tofu. Perfectly yummy on a cold dreary day.

Unfortunately I think I would have been better off staying in the office for lunch. Is there an eye test for depth perception? I swear that’s my problem.

I swear that trolley bay came out of no where and beat up my passenger side back door…..not convincing enough? Damn.

These things happen right? No point getting upset about spilt milk or a dint in your car when it was your own fault lol. It just give the car…character? Yeah lets go with that!

Ah well. I’ll just go back to my miso soup and pretend nothing happened. Just check out the new blog look and find calmness in the polkadots!


Peace out! Have a great winter’s day out there!


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