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GOT Easter Feast Pig's Head

So this is a bit late, but I’ve been quite busy this year (more on that later!) and what better time to post this then the day before the BIG episode everyone is waiting for!

It just so happened that the start of season 3 of Game of Thrones started on Easter Monday. Perfect time to use the Game of Thrones Cookbook that I was given for Christmas.


Lunch consisted of:

Crusty White Bread

Black Bread

Beef and Bacon Pie

Sansa Salad

Roman Buttered Carrots

Roasted Pig’s Head



Cream Swans

Lemon Cakes

Tyroshi Honeyfingers



All served with an array of cheeses and fruit, wines and beer.


All of these recipes except for the Pig’s head are from the Game of Thrones cookbook. The Pig’s head was a last minute change of plans as my meat order with the butcher had been lost. As you can imagine the Thursday before Easter they had run out of a lot of meats by then. Luckily Brookvale Meats is super nice and found a pig’s head for us!


For the first 24hrs I freaked out and googled my little heart away with the best way to cook the pig’s head. In the end I combined a bunch of different ideas into one and got on my way. Cleaned it and removed any hair, then chucked it in a big roasting pan with onion, herbs and a bottle of champagne. In the BBQ it goes for 3hrs at about 200 degrees celsius. This was to cook two halves of a pig’s head by the way.


Gotta say, the meat from the pig’s head is the best pig’s meat I’ve ever had. I love it more then pork belly. It doesn’t have the same strong porky taste as the belly, its almost rich like red meat is. It was so delicious!


The Lemon Cakes and Wintercakes were so amazingly easy to make. Kind of like shortbread actually.

So why not whip yourself up a batch ready for the new episode tomorrow? You know you want to.



Stay tuned and check back soon peeps, cause I’m back and have a lot to share! Lots of healthy recipes and winter warmers.

I have a beautiful pumpkin soup recipe that is perfect for this dreary weather!




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