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It’s Friday, Friday. Gonna eat rainbow cake on Friday, Friday.

I’ll admit, I hate that song. Maybe its because most of the people at my work love to sing it on a Friday. Or maybe its because when the alarm goes off in the morning on a Friday, my loving partner will turn to me and start singing that song…..possibly its just because its not my sort of meme.

But unfortunately its the song that came to mind as I walked into my work with this beautiful cake.
This cake is just awesome, it looks all boring on the outside and I had everyone asking what type of cake it was, keeping them in suspense was fun!

The rainbow cake just screams “YAY ITS FRIDAY!” to me. The boring outside is how we feel all week because we just want it to be the weekend. And then you cut it and its like “WOW RAINBOW! ITS AWESOME! TGIF!”

It really makes getting through that last day of the week easier. We all tend to go a little bit nuts on a Friday, I suspect the increase in sugar intake for everyone may had added a bit more to the insanity pile this time!

So I highly recommend making anything rainbow, but a vanilla rainbow cake is perfect, to cheer up your Friday blues!

Vanilla Rainbow Cake

Butter for greasing cake tins.
Pack of 4 natural food colours. (Red, yellow,blue & green)
3 x cups self-raising flour
1 x cup plain flour
2 x cups caster sugar
300g x butter, cubed, at room temperature
1 1/4 x cups milk
6 x eggs, at room temperature
3 x tsp vanilla essence

Preheat the oven to 160C. Grease 6 cake tins (all the same size. I only had two so I alternated by cooking two at a time).
Place the self raising flour, plain flour, sugar, butter, milk, eggs and vanilla essence in a large mixing bowl.
Using an electric mixer or mix master, beat until well combined. Split batter evenly into 6 bowls.
Mix colours into each section. You’ll want purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Usually on the back of the food colouring packets there is a chart to help you get the right colour and what to mix. Found this very helpful.
Pour mixture into separate cake tins. Cook two or 3 at a time, depending on what you can fix in your oven.
Cooking two at a time they took about 10mins. Test with a skewer and cook at 5min intervals if it isn’t cooked at this time.
Repeat for remaining cakes.

Leave cake to cool in tin for 15mins then remove from tin and cool on a rack for another 15mins.
Repeat for all cakes.

Level off each cake with a sharp knife. Eat scraps!

Vanilla Buttercream

1 x cup unsalted butter, softened
6-8 x cups icing sugar
1/2 x cup milk
2 tsp vanilla essence

Place butter in large mixing bowl. Add 4 cups of the icing sugar, milk and vanilla essence.
On medium speed of an electric mixer, beat for about 3-4mins or until creamy and smooth.
Gradually add more icing sugar until mixture is perfect consistency for spreading. I find every time I make an icing or buttercream the quantity of icing sugar I use isn’t always the same, texture is the best way to tell for this I think.

Start with the purple cake layer, place it in the middle of your cake board, plate, etc.
Cover the top with a layer of buttercream and place the blue layer on next. Repeat with the buttercream and place the green layer on top. Repeat again and add the yellow layer. Again with the buttercream and add the orange layer. Last but not least, another layer of buttercream and the red layer.
Now coat the whole outside and smooth the top with more buttercream!
If you can do a great job you may not need a second coat. My cake really did but it was like 11:30 at night by this stage, I don’t think my coworkers were going to judge me on the missing layer of buttercream!

It was a very sweet cake by the end. But it was fabulous for a Friday. Just the buzz needed!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Cake

  1. @Chocolatesuze
    lol thanks. :)

    Definitely! I find it helps put a smile on everyone's face :)

    @My Inner Chick
    Thank you for your kind comment! :)

    Lol agreed! You'd never be unhappy with a sugar rush like that :)

  2. As a lucky recipient of this gorgeous cake I can tell you it was AMAZING! Perfect to brighten up a Friday (or a Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday…..)

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