Entering the New Year

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Happy New Year all! Little bit late I know, but we spent our holiday with the relatives and its near impossible to use the intertubes out there. But I’m back the first chance I’ve had so I must get points for that right?
Its a beautiful area, 10 mins from the closest town and a nice bit of land. Nice to get away from the city every now and again.

I did alot of sleeping over the short break. Sleeping, reading and eating. (Currently reading the 1st book in the Game Of Thrones series, I highly recommend it!)

There was an abundance of food so I didn’t really do any cooking while away. Roast lamb, roast pork, roast turkey, salads and coleslaws, puddings and trifle. Oh me oh my I think I gained some weight! haha.

I’ve never really been one for ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. I just never saw the point of it when I was younger, I’d forget a couple weeks down the track anyway!

But this year. This year I have a few goals I wish to achieve.

1. Lose some weight, or at least tone up a bit.
2. Eat more variety of food (I understand this counters the first goal a bit, but hey! I love food!)
3. Try cooking a whole fish in the BBQ (Got a massive new BBQ from the in-law-parentals for Christmas, lots of plans for it!)
4. Work on my baby blog. It’s coming along, we’re getting there :)
5. Go away for a holiday
6. Have more people around for dinner, lunches etc. Entertain more.
7. Eat healthier
8. Stress less about work? That’s an every day resolution, not so much a new year resolution.
9. Go out dining more. So many places close by, but so lazy. Din Tai Fung, Jamie’s Italian here I come!
10. Lucky last. Be more motivated. (Code for: Be less lazy!)

Looking at those, they’re not huge things to achieve. But isn’t it best to work up from there? Don’t aim to high yadda yadda right?
It’s something. It’s a list of goals. It’ll keep me going.
One thing I’m going to have to work on straight away, is my social anxiety issues. Once you get to know me, I’m loud and I speak my mind.
But that takes a while….I’m very shy around new people. The invite came through for the Sydney Food Blogger Meetup. I’m so frakken excited! But without knowing anyone and it being a social situation….it could be interesting. Interesting in the way that I’ll be a bit split personality until then, half of me is running around all excited and trying to plan what to wear and what to cook, the other half is curled up in a ball squished in a cupboard thinking about all the awesome people that will be there and I’ll do something to make a fool of myself. Maybe trip over something and fall on a cake (it’s not unlikely, I’m rather clumsy) Or just curl up in a corner on my picnic blanket with a box on my head, a bit like “If I can’t see them they can’t see me?” lol.

I’m going though. I’m sure everyone is extremely nice and not scary monsters at all like people were back in high school or anything lol.

Enough with the crazy. Look! I got “Heston Blumenthal At Home” for Christmas!
He would have to be close to my favourite celebrity cook. Knowing that he can get to where he is in life without any professional training in food, just amazes me and fills me full of hope and motivation. It’s really a “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” type feeling.
Love it. Anyone who has seen his show, Heston’s Feast, will know what kind of fantabulous creations this man makes.
Don’t fret though, this cookbook is plenty friendly to the average home cook like me. I’m already planning to give his recipe for Triple Cooked Chips a go, and ice cream made with dry ice. It looks amazing!

So I hope you all out there had a great Christmas and looking forward to some good time in 2012!
I’d love to hear any of your New Year’s resolutions, I’m sure they’re a bit more exciting than mine! lol

Peace out!

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14 thoughts on “Entering the New Year

    • Hi Tammi! Thanks for stopping by. Did you know he has a one night only show in Sydney this year?
      So excited about the meetup! You’ll be able to spot me, without a doubt I’ll be wearing polkadots :)

  1. Happy new year to you, April! Here’s to a great 2012! I wish I can make it to the Food Blogger meetup and meet u but unfortunately I couldn’t. Would love to read the review here, though! :D

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