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So it’s a new year, lots of things I want to get done and goals to reach. Not because it’s a new year, I’ve had these goals for a while of course but its the cool thing to do to reiterate them at this time.

The usual one is focus more on my blog. But while fitting in work, study and other hobbies I’m not sure on the expiry dates of these goals.


So to start of the new year, my first post will feature Endeavour Beer. Just before the Christmas Break the lovely people at The Trish Nicol Agency sent me a couple of Endeavour Beers to try.

Now I’m definitely more of a wine person, or a cocktail person, or schnapps. But that’s mainly because I haven’t come across a beer that doesn’t just taste like liquid yeast in a bottle to me.

Que Endeavour Beer – 2011 Reserve Amber Ale:

I know this one says chocolate and malt flavours but I’ll be honest, this one definitely strikes me as more of a winter beer. It tasted very heavy to me, more of a beer that you drink by the fire in the dead of winter in a beautiful log cabin…well that’s where I’d drink this beer!


The other one I didn’t get to taste a lot of – 2011 Reserve Pale Ale. I don’t know a lot about beer and if having it in the fridge, then taking it out of the fridge to drive two hours then putting it back in the fridge would affect it.

But it kind of exploded. Like took the bottle cap off and 90% of the beer spouted out like a volcano errupting. On the plus side it’s probably the closest experience I’ll have to a volcano errupting! And we have tile flooring, phew!

Keeping in mind that the taste of the beer would have diminished slightly due to the mishap, it was an amazing tasting beer. Sweet sweet hints of mellow honey with the beer taste but not the over-powering punch of yeast that I dislike so much with other beers.

I can proudly say that I will be buying this and enjoying it over the summer. I never thought that I would say that about a beer but my eyes have been opened.

A plus side to the Endeavour Beer of course is that it’s pure Australian. You can check out their awesome story and details here. I’m interested in tasting the difference between the 2011 reserve and the 2012 reserve and discovering the subtle changes between them and deciding which one I’d enjoy more. Another plus is the awesome label, there’s just something about it that makes it stand out to me and scream “I AM AUSTRALIAN AND I’M GOING TO SURPRISE YOUR TASTE BUDS!”

Which now that I think of it….would make it a great beer to enjoy for this year’s Australia Day!


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3 thoughts on “Endeavour Beer

  1. Dear April

    Nice review of these beers. I would love to try the amber ale coz I don’t mind “heavier” beers with a stronger flavour. I have an exact short glass like yours for whiskey and whoever said you can’t use one for a nice beer?! :)

    • Thanks for stopping by! and thank you for the complement! :) I’d definitely go the amber ale then if you prefer the heavier type, but the pale ale is still really nice and refreshing. I’m all for using any glass I can find at the time, to me that’s what being an adult is all about! lol

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