Dessert: The Blood Splattered Bride

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I know reading the title, you're probably thinking "Wow she's totally gone nuts!"
But fear not, its not how it seems. I promise!

I was invited to a Sydney blogger meetup Celebration for Chocolatesuze's birthday.
Unfortunately on this night, I was already booked to be in Newcastle for family photos that had been planned since early in the year, about February.
So, I missed the chance of a life time meetup which was Quentin Tarantino dress-up themed, but never mind! I created some delicious themed treats in honor of Chocolatesuze's get together.

My favourite Quentin Tarantino film by far is Kill Bill Vol 1. So I got a little bit creative and decided to go with the yellow and black suit colours with blood splatter as a dessert.

Combination of yellow meringue, dark chocolate mousse and a tart raspberry coulis. The dark chocolate mousse is a recipe from The Salt Book. It suggests serving it with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and Murray River Pink Salt to get a full punch of the flavours. I'll have to try it like this!

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3 thoughts on “Dessert: The Blood Splattered Bride

  1. Wow! How creative of you! The whole idea of the dessert sounds very appealing actually. And I love Murray River pink salt – that's all I ever use. It does "pop" in your mouth.

  2. Thanks :)
    Amazingly enough the textures complimented each other perfectly. A creative stumble on my part.
    I second the 'pop' with the Murray River Pink Salt. Once you've tried it you won't go back to regular old table salt :)

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