Cookbook of the Month: The Salt Book

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New section! Cookbook of the Month!
I'm excited, are you excited? You should be, because there's a lot of great books out there that need to be experienced. To be honest, I have a lot already that I need to start exploring, and what time then now!

First off the band wagon – The Salt Book.
Now my first thought was "Hmm, a book about salt that contains recipes….interesting".
Salt wasn't at the top of my priority shopping list I must say, to be honest, I forget to put it in when cooking quite often. However I gave the book a go and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The cover is a beautiful photo of a rainbow of salts, which I hate to say, I didn't realise the range was so vast!

The beginning gives a run down of the history and facts about salt in our diet, and most importantly, how we can benefit from using different salt to the regular "Table Salt" when cooking and seasoning. So to start the experience, I had a look at the recommended sites the book lists to purchase the salts online. That same day though, I wandered into Harris Farm Markets for some veggies on the fly and found the Murray River Pink Salt and a grinder of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.

Read on! >>>

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2 thoughts on “Cookbook of the Month: The Salt Book

  1. Murray River Salt is one of my favourites, and presalting is the best. I've never used such a short length of time and so much salt before though. Very interesting strategy. You can also do this over a much longer time (24 hours or more), with a lot less salt (a sprinkling all over) and you can also add some herbs to the mix, which the reverse osmosis will drag into the meat over time. Very succulent and tasty. yum yum!

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