Cook With Jamie: Victoria Sponge Cake

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As the seasons change and we can finally see the sun again, its time for some beautiful baking and enjoying the sweeter things!

Just look at that, how could you not want to dive right in? Maybe chuck some extra cream on there? Hey if you chuck some more strawberries on as well it makes it healthier right?

First of the sweets section from Jamie Oliver’s Cook With Jamie book, Victoria Sponge Cake!


I’ve had a bad run with sponge cakes in the past, they never quite turned out fluffy enough. Which is why I went a bit out of character for this one and stuck to the recipe 100%

Doesn’t it look beautiful and golden? My last attempt of a sponge cake ended up half as tall as this. I don’t know how or why but I’m glad I’ve conquered the great sponge cake at last.


I must say, its almost the easiest cake I’ve ever made. Simple chuck the ingredients in, whiz it up, mix it up, scoop it out and bake.

The recipes in the book are really nice and clear, quickly becoming my favourite cookbook.


Adding delicious Australian homemade strawberry jam just puts the “strawberry” on the cake!

Haha I’m sorry, that was a poor pun.


I cut out little individual cakes for myself and my partner – a whole cake was tempting but just a bit too much for two people to finish! But its definitely the sort of food you want to share, you’ll get loads of praises for it!

Hope everyone is getting a nice dose of sunshine after the dreary winter weather!

Peace out!


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2 thoughts on “Cook With Jamie: Victoria Sponge Cake

    • I was scared at first, but hey, it turned out alright! :) His books are brilliantly written, really nice and easy to follow. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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