Cook With Jamie: Honeycomb Cannelloni

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So a lot has happened since my last real post. I’ve been cooking a lot actually, unfortunately I went through a couple of weeks with the camera battery dead flat and remembering too late so I missed a few meals. I’ve resigned from my job, to move on to a new one which has all the ticks in the right boxes including greener grass. My last day at my old work is this Friday, so stress levels are a tad high! I’ve found the best cure is chocolate! lol.

Chocolate aside though, I’ve been cooking a lot from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook.

As the weeks go on I feel a bit more daring with the recipes from Jamie Oliver’s Cook With Jamie book. The image of this dish in his book is gorgeous, which is about the only scary thing about it! It’s such an easy recipe (easier if you actually stick to it and not do your own thing as I do) and it taste delicious!

I’ll be honest though…if I made it again I would omit the creme freiche and most of the anchovies, being that my partner and I are rather sensitive to dairy we prefer non-creamy dishes and the anchovies…well…I’ll be dead honest with you. I don’t really like the taste of them. I know, I know, I know its blasphemy! But in my defence I do add them to tomato dishes and other dishes to enhance the flavour…I just don’t like it when its a strong taste of it.

And as you may have noticed from the photos my dish has beef mince in it. Jamie Oliver’s recipe does not. His is actually a vegetarian dish which includes mushroom.

I’m a meat person. Its very very rare that I’ll cook something for dinner without any sort of meat or fish, I think its something that’s been drilled into me as a child.

Meat and veg, meat and veg, meat and veg.

There’s no mushrooms in mine either, the boy doesn’t like the texture of mushrooms and I like him to enjoy the food I cook for him so ergo no mushrooms!

I promise, other then that I followed the recipe. Do you have trouble following recipes to the tee as well?

I think Jamie Oliver would understand my changes, he seems to be one that believes in throwing in what you want and cooking from the heart.

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