Cook With Jamie: Best Shortbread in the World

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Up until early 2012 I had never had shortbread before. Honest truth.

When all the other kids were sampling their grandmother’s homemade shortbread, you know the type – in the family for years and the recipe is a secret which will be handed down the generations. Well while this was happening in other households I was most likely eating some sort of junk food, nothing memorable.

24 years down the track and I’ve not only tried my first ever shortbread but I’ve cooked it too. So you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, ‘well she’s only had the one shortbread so how can she possibly know if its the best or not’

Good call. I like to share though and my Axey and his family enjoyed every last piece. I personally think its a beautiful recipe and so easy to make that I recommend everyone to chuck out the horrible store bought stuff you have leftover from Christmas and whip this batch up. You won’t regret it!

*As with all other posts relating to the Cook With Jamie cookbook, I have not posted the recipe. I fully support great recipes and wish to encourage people to buy the book.

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5 thoughts on “Cook With Jamie: Best Shortbread in the World

  1. That short bread does look amazing. To be honest I don’t think I’ve had short bread until recently either. With my parents being of vietnamese heritage, we didn’t get treats like this unless we wanted to buy it ourselves.

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