Cook With Jamie: Baked Lamb Shanks

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I’ve decided I don’t really know much about cooking. I read a lot about food and I “know” some stuff but do I REALLY know stuff?

I’ve worked in hospitality, in restaurants and cafes. So I have experience there.

And I have a passion. A passion to learn and create and experience food as all it can be.


But if you asked me what the perfect temperature is to cook an egg at for it to be perfectly soft boiled, I’d tell you that I don’t know and there are a lot of variables to take into account and a lot of different opinions on how to get the perfect soft boiled egg. Also I don’t really eat eggs that often. I could tell you a couple of opinions which I’ve read which then you can trial yourself and see what works best for you though.

And if you asked me a question regarding the best way to cook a steak, or the best potatoes to roast I would give the most accurate answer I know. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m correct. Doesn’t really mean I’m wrong either.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I have opinions and experiences with food and although I think that this way or that way might make the PERFECT such and such, I also believe that there is more then one way to make something perfect.


To the point though! These lamb shanks areĀ perfect. Once again I’m blown away by a Jamie Oliver recipe. This one was really easy so any Tom, Dick or Harry could whip it up.

More importantly, it’s easy to tell when it’s done. When the meat is falling off – devour it!



You can find this recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie book, or on his website here

I love any recipe that you can chuck in the oven and forget about until the timer goes off. Looking at the sky today, it seems like a very good day for lamb shanks! Mmmmm…warm….falling off the bone and melt in your mouth lamb shanks!


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4 thoughts on “Cook With Jamie: Baked Lamb Shanks

    • Thanks! I’ve never used a slow cooker, I’ll have to get one this winter and give all those awesome slow cooker recipes a try. But definitely give Jamie’s lamb shank recipe a try, its mouth watering! :)

    • Well I hope you give them a go and love them just as much as I do. :) I’m loving the foil parcel way of cooking lately

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