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I had a dream last night…

I was walking down the street and came across these two chicks dressed in 1920′s clothes carrying clutch purses, they were talking very loudly and saying how they just bought these purses down the road and it comes with free coffee in them. Then they proceeded to eat the coffee beans out of their purses, I don’t think they were chocolate coated either.

So…I tried to find out where they bought them from, raced down the street to a 7/11, which is apparently where you buy purses filled with coffee and resin rings. Bought the purse which was $10.50 (including coffee) then find out its like 2 in the morning and the police have rocked up to find out why all these young people are at the 7/11.

So I try to get out of there to get home, started running back down the street towards home (in my dreams is the only time I actually run!) realised somehow that there was people driving around in vans shooting randomly and decided I should go back the way I came because there’s an EasyWay kiosk and I really wanted a Taro Milk Tea with Grape jelly.

In conclusion. I really now want a bubble tea!

And I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve taken a slight unscheduled hiatus and will be back soon – rearranging some things in my kitchen and my life. All very exciting!

So please….don’t leave me! Ahem…I mean, it’s cool. We’ll still see each other around yeah? Pop in some time?


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