Butterbeers All Round!

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OH: "I thought there was a pet shop along this road…?"
Me: "Maybe it's like the Room of Requirement, it only shows up when it's needed"

Yes, I really said that the other morning. Out loud to my other half. Luckily he loves me with all my geekiness.

Now, some people may find it a bit embarrassing to admit. But not me, no. I am definitely a Harry Potter fan. I'm actually in the process of teaching myself to knit and making a Gryffindor scarf ready for the next movie release.Who doesn't like a movie where anything can happen and people have magical powers?

It's coming into winter now so I thought I would be daring again and try making my very own Butterbeer. I googled my little heart away trying to find the right Butterbeer recipe for me. I've found hot ones and cold ones, ones that require ale and ones that require butterscotch schnapps. Different recipes call for butter, some for vanilla creaming soda.

The most important requirements to me for the perfect Butterbeer would have to be that it is a warm drink, correct colour and that it has a head of foam. I was pretty pleased with the first attempt. I say first attempt, as I plan on re-making it and improving on the recipe to make the ultimate Butterbeer. This one however is an adults version, I haven't tested a kiddie one yet.


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2 thoughts on “Butterbeers All Round!

  1. Haha brilliant! Your butterbeer looks so appetising :D I made one one year for Halloween but I think yours sounds better!

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