Boozing on up!

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We’re boozing on up, we’re boozing on up! Nothing can stop me!


So I tried. I reaaaally tried to follow the recipe to the tee. But I couldn’t! It’s like against my programing or something.

But the Christmas Pudding recipe over at Exclusively Food is amazing, and I’m sure if I had followed it completely it would have been just as amazing to look at.

Shopping for the ingredients I even wrote everything down to the exact gram I needed. The pro-budget shopper in me couldn’t stick to it.

Searching for raisins…sultanas….mixed peel….ooo! What do we have here? A packet of mixed fruit? Sultanas, raisins, mixed peel already together? And a quarter of the price opposed to buying 3 different bags of each? Perfect!

I know, it doesn’t seem like that big of a difference. But I didn’t check that the packet I picked up (which was quite a large mix, I think 375g?) was enough to make up for the 3 separate weights. Not to stress! I still had to get a packet of dried dates and glace cherries.

The dried dates were about 200g, and I ended up adding the packet of glace cherries which were about 200g as well. Bit more than the recipe called for.

Chucked all the fruit in a bowl, realised the bowl wasn’t big enough, switched it to a bigger bowl then added the 2 and a half tablespoons of brandy….

Thinking to myself “Hmmm…I think it needs a bit more…don’t think its coated enough, maybe because of my funny changes to the amount of fruit. ”

Little tip of the bottle….SLOSH! Ah well. What’s a little booze at Christmas time right?

My first time steaming a pudding and I think it went pretty darn good!



I hope everyone is getting stuck into their Christmas baking! Many more treats to come!

Peace out all!


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7 thoughts on “Boozing on up!

  1. We started our puddings yesterday. Just started by soaking the fruit (we usually give it a week or 2). Admittedly we do enough for about 4 puddings but we ended up using about 2 cups of booze total (whiskey and port, rum also works but we were out). The alcohol cooks out, right? That’s our justification anyway :)

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