Best Chocolate Cake In The World

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Walking through Warringah Mall I spotted a new addition. Cute little café called ‘The Best Chocolate Cake In The World’

Waaaaa??! Really? The best in the world??

Couldn’t resist. Had to try it.

So the story goes, this cake was first made in Portugal by Chef Carlos Braz Lopez back in 1987, the cake was in such high demand that the customers started calling it ‘The Best Cake In The World’,  which led to opening stores all around the globe, producing more than 120,000 cakes a year! That’s more than 2,000 cakes a week!


Inspecting the cake before I dug in and devoured it all, its made of layers which look to be chocolate meringue, chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. It’s not what I was expecting when I read the sign ‘Best Chocolate Cake In The World’, I was expecting to see a mud cake type slice. Saying that, the chocolate cake was smooth, rich and with the right amount of crunch and chew from the meringue. They come in two types – traditional and bittersweet – the dark is made with 70% cocoa and goes really well with a scoop of ice cream to cut through the richness.

It’s a cute little café, but if you’re not a fan of chocolate than you’re out of luck – and should probably not be looking at this post, as chocolate cake and beverages were all that was on the menu. Hey, I’m not complaining! Chocolate and I go together like butter and bread.

We’ve had the chocolate cake a couple of times now and the service and food are exceptional. Perfect consistency, which is a rare thing to find these days!

It’s not really my idea of the best chocolate cake in the world, but it’s definitely a delicious delectable cake!

At present I believe they only have the one store in Australia, which can be found at Warringah Mall, Brookvale.




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One thought on “Best Chocolate Cake In The World

  1. Holy moly that chocolate cake looks amazing! I’m a bit over the dense too-rich mud cakes these days so i’d definitely like to try that one. It looks a little moussey and I love the idea of the meringue to give it a little bit extra. Yum!!

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