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Have a delight with Baker’s Delight!
(The goods mentioned in this post were supplied by Baker’s Delight. The views and opinions are my own and are not based on free goods. If I like it I’ll say, if I don’t I’ll say.)
I was on edge all morning, waiting and waiting to hear that the scones had been delivered. At long last I received an email from Baker’s Delight confirming the delivery had been signed for at 10am.
It wasn’t my Axey that signed for them though, so I was franctically trying to get hold of him to make sure nobody ate them! I may have turned super saiyen if anything had happened to them.
To be honest it was actually the second delivery that they had sent me.
The first one went walk about at my office…just goes to show that everybody wants a piece of them!
Thankfully Baker’s Delight was nice enough to resend some to me. By this time I was practically drooling for them lol.
Look at the glory, look at the beauty!
I wouldn’t say Baker’s Delight scones are like the traditional scones one would make at home. They have a different shape and density. Kind of a cross between a scone, bread and cake.
Despite that fact, they are moist (moist, doesn’t that word just weird you out? Or is that just me?) and packed full of flavour.
Crumbly buttery morsels, which I definitely did not top with more butter. Cause I definitely did not need the extra calories of the butter….Definitely.

whitechocThis one here is a white chocolate and berry scone, heaps of berries and white chocolate in it. None of that skimpiness that you see with other baked goods, you know, the raisen toast that has 3 raisens. It just ruins your good mood.


chocchocThe best of the lot, without a shred of doubt is the chocolate with choc chips scone. So rich and decadent, could not force myself to have this one before midday. This my friends, is what shall be known as a dessert scone. Cup of tea with it and your set.


datescone2Last but not least, date scone.

Ok time to get real, this one was a bit on the healthy side for me. I AM trying to be healthier and eat more non processed foods and less sugar. But it is really hard to compare a date scone to a double chocolate scone. Come on, there’s no competition!
Taking that into account, the date scones were actually pretty good. It wouldn’t be my first choice if I went to Baker’s Delight and bought a bunch of scones, its a tad on the boring side for me. I do know a lot of people that enjoy their dates though and would be happier with the date flavour over the chocolate. It all comes down to preference.
On a positive note, the dates were nicely distributed through the scones. You didn’t get a half way through and wonder what flavour it was. I like that.
Pet peeve – when you buy something and you can’t find a trace of what its supposed to be.
Not the case with Baker’s Delight scones!
All in all, I’d say if I didn’t feel like making scones at home picking up a bag of these from Baker’s Delight is a pretty good idea. Nice and quick and fuss free, what more could you want?
Plus I love my tea and these go really well with tea.


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7 thoughts on “Baker’s Delight Scones

    • Thanks for stopping by Irene! I love Baker’s Delight goodies too. Definitely recommend the chocolate scone – with ice cream! :)

  1. I have to say that the white chocolate berry scones from Baker’s Delight are a huge weakness of mine. When I worked close to one, I would buy them aaaaall the time and never could find a decent enough recipe or another store that could replicate them just as well. Soooo good!

    • I know what you mean, no other scone I’ve ever bought or made has come close to resembling a bakers delight scone. Some secret recipe! :p

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