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My first memory of the traditional Aussie damper we all know and love in this country, was when I was about 9. School camping excursion to a beautiful spot known as Dobby Rim down the Allyn River. As far as I can recall this was the longest time I had been away from home before and I wasn't the most socially comfortable person.

The first night at the campsite everyone gathered around the bunch of fires created over by the main food area. We were given flour and water in a bowl and told to find a stick. So off I trotted with a friend or two to the outskirts of the camp area to get a nice clean sturdy stick.

There's a lot of amazing creatures in the Australian bush. Like this beautiful Spotted Quoll that my partner and I had the pleasure of meeting on our last camping trip.

Unfortunately for 9 year old me, it was not a Spotted Quoll trying to deter me from finding the perfect stick. It was a bush turkey.
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4 thoughts on “Aussie Damper

  1. hehe now I haven't seen a bush turkey but you paint a very funny picture! :D The spotted quoll is very pretty!

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