2012 Food Blogger Picnic

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Aloha! This week has been hectic. Food blogger picnic on the weekend, new BBQ to cook on, busy at work, got sick. I think that sums it all up!

Although I have tried a couple of new items this week that I haven’t had before.

Haloumi – rather salty but nice in the right meal I think. Lychee – strange but sweet! Going to give it another go.


The picnic was awesome. Although it did take me 2 hours to get there when it should normally take 40mins. Nice one closing the Harbour bridge on me like that, thanks Sydney!

Got there alright. Eventually found a group of people with lots of food, so I assumed I was in the right place. Stood around feeling a bit like an odd turkey for a while but then people talked to me! Conversation! And there were plenty of other people who were popping their food blogger meetup bubble. Yay!


Wore my usual polkadot getup – polkadot fingernails, polkadot top. No forgetting who the polkadot girl is!

Met quite a few people. Wish I could remember who was who better. Think I might need to start using one of those memory brain trainer programs.

I know there was one person, who was from the Northern Beaches as well that had mentioned a really good Japanese place in Balgowlah…I really wish I could clearly remember who that was, because I’d love to know the details and catch up for a meal sometime lol. (So if you’re that person, maybe send us an email? Please?) I know I didn’t imagine it! I swear!


I didn’t take as many shots of the food as I probably should have, I was more focused on getting in there and trying all the gorgeous looking food. There were two paella! Two!

As well as homemade marshmallows, mango konnyaku jelly, pandan cupcakes, ginger and cream cheese cupcakes, mini quiches, mini kofta, fairy bread, stuff wrapped in bacon and much much more. As well as a pop up bar! I couldn’t drink as I was driving but I heard great thing about the cocktails – great and very alcoholic things!

And I must apologise. I seemed to have missed photographing my own creations! I know, it’s really unforgivable. But I will remake them at a later date and post the recipes up!

Simon – TheHeartOfFood, Christie – CookingCrusade

I made cute mini “Minny’s Chocolate Pie” from the book and film The Help (read it, watch it. It’s good!) and Aniseed pork in crispy wonton cases. Everyone seemed to really like the aniseed pork, its been a recipe in my family for generations!

There was so much food! Surprisingly enough we couldn’t finish it all. I’d made 4 chocolate pies in practice for Saturday, so I really didn’t want to take any home. I ended up giving them (and the container lol!) away to the lovely boys from Up For A Feed.

Paul – UpForAFeed, Lola – Figs&Brie, Joseph – UpForAFeed

All in all, I’m not the most social person. I get awkward and have moments where I really just can’t think of anything to say that anyone else would find interesting.

But I’m really happy I went. Met a lot of amazing people and have add a whole new collection of blogs to my daily reading list. Great to put faces to names to blogs.

And I hope to see more of you all in the future!


Shanshan – Foodisourreligion

For more great photos and posts on the picnic, Chocolatesuze has a complete list of the bloggers attended and at the bottom links to other blogs that have posted on the picnic as well. And a great huge thanks to Helen from Grab Your Fork and Chocolatesuze for organising such a great event!

Peaceout all! Hope your workday goes uber fast!


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18 thoughts on “2012 Food Blogger Picnic

  1. Hey!! It was meee about living in the Northern Beaches and the Japanese place in Bally is Tamagawa’s.. Would defs love to catch up! Ps thanks for posting that pic of me and Simon :) xx

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